Unusual Phenomena Taking Place
At The Time Of The Apparition

The Doves

The Doves Forming a cross

These two photos show beings in the shape of pigeons
as they fly over the church. They appear from nowhere,
do not flap their wings as they fly and disappear
as they came.
Last photo shows them in the formation of a cross.


Unusual Phenomena Taking Place At The Time Of The Apparition l. The Doves: They differ from the normal pigeons in that they are able to fly at night; they are also bigger in size and different in shape.
2. The Stars: They are bigger than the usual stars. They used to descend quickly on the church. Sometimes they were spherical in shape or like lanterns.
3. The Light: It used to appear over the domes. Its colour was orange or light blue. It used to encircle the church like a sacred halo.
4. The Cross: Though opaque, the cross used to glow over the big dome with a phosphorescent light. Sometimes, a very white cross appeared over one of the domes or over the Virgin Herself when She made Her apparitions.
5. The Incense: It used to permeate the place with its strong pleasing smell and white colour.
6. The Clouds: Used to appear over the domes, sometimes taking the form of the Virgin.

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