Our Lady Appears in Assiut,
Upper Egypt

August 2000

From IOL (Independent Online - South Africa)

Virgin Mary 'appears over Egyptian church'

August 31 2000 at 06:07PM

Cairo - The Virgin Mary has been making occasional appearances over a church in the central Egyptian city of Assyut since August 17, an Egyptian Orthodox priest claimed on Thursday.

"She appears in an spiritual atmosphere of bright light, very quietly, without a sound," Father Mina Hanna said by telephone.

"Since August 17, she appears on an irregular basis but the spiritual phenomena continue," he said, adding that " yesterday (Wednesday) she appeared in a complete image."

The Egyptian Orthodox, or Coptic, Church of Assyut issued a statement saying that Egyptians have occasionally seen the Virgin Mary over the domes of St Mark Church in Assyut.

The church's neighbors noticed almost a month ago, at different times of the night, spiritual phenomena such as "hovering groups of large white pigeons." "On August 17, the Virgin Mary appeared," the statement said.

Father Hanna said the Virgin Mary appeared a few years ago at The Virgin Mary monastery in the Assyut mountains, a few kilometers away, but this is the first time she came into Assyut itself.

People from several Egyptian cities have come to Assyut and were waiting on rooftops, streets and alleys around the Church to receive the Virgin Mary's blessings, the statement said, adding that "spiritual matters are not subject to human aspirations or time limits." - Sapa-AFP

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